About Us

We are Tamara and Nada, certified Sleep Sense™ consultants.

As moms of two babies of our own that have gone through a sleep training program, we have a good sense of what your biggest concerns and goals may be in case you are considering sleep training your baby. Personally, we wanted to make sure that the experience would be gentle, safe and, of course effective. During many sleepless nights, we had enough time to consider different options on how to overcome the challenges our babies were facing with sleep.

Since it is not easy to find reliable and evidence-based information on this topic, we were navigating toward pediatrician trusted programs. That’s how we came across The Sleep Sense™ Program, created by a psychologist Dana Obleman, and used by over 110,000 families over the past 20 years. We put our trust in this program, since there is reliable research supporting methods they apply, as they provide significant sleep benefits, yet convey no harmful consequences on the child’s behavior and emotions, nor consequences on parents-child attachment.

Guided by a certified expert who created a customized plan for our babies’ individual needs, we were comfortable and reassured through the whole process. Compared to other programs we came across, The Sleep Sense™ stood out to us as it provided prompt consultations whenever we found ourselves in moments of doubt.

Sleep training our babies has made such a positive impact on our lives that it has inspired us to become experts in this field in order to help other families. Dana Obleman herself, has guided us directly throughout the education process.  We owe an enormous gratitude to her and her team, for the knowledge and experience they selflessly passed on to us, so that we could become the right choice for your family.

We understand that helping your baby through a big change can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help you through this process, every step of the way.

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Our Team

Founder, Baby Sleep Hub

Tamara is a mom of the cutest rockstar sleeper Viktor.

She was born in Serbia, but spent most of her life in Kuwait. Working as an HR expert, she is seeking out the brightest minds out there and helping them achieve their professional goals and dreams. Her people’s skills are so strong that she will guide you with ease through the process until you get where you want to be.

Tamara understands and appreciates that every family has their own unique sleep goals, and is really excited for the opportunity to help your family reach yours.

Founder, Baby Sleep Hub

Nada is a mom of Tadej, the most heartwarming little man around. She was born and raised in Belgrade, lived in the USA during her undergraduate studies, and in France and Germany during her graduate studies.

Considering her extensive consulting experience and attention to details, she will recognize even the smallest cause that is disturbing your baby’s sleep. As a former athlete, she is very determent with reaching set goals.

Nada is ready to help you navigate your child’s sleep challenges to ensure you become a well-rested family.