(4-18 months)

Has it been a while since either you or your baby had a good sleep? Your baby is waking up several times during the night and needing you to rock or breastfeed her to help fall back asleep? Is your baby struggling with inconsistent and short naps?

When this pattern repeats itself around-the-clock, day after day, everyday life becomes extremely difficult.

We will create a personalized two-week plan with a goal to get your baby get between 10-12 hours of night-time sleep and have a great daytime nap schedule. Using our gentle approach, your baby will develop self-soothing skills and learn to fall asleep on their own, sleep through the night and take long and regular naps during the day.

During this time, we will be by your side every day to guide your family. Our plan will be created precisely to fit your baby’s age, developmental stage and personality, but it will also take into account your individual needs.

What’s included?

Two-week support

Preliminary evaluation to get to know you and your baby

90-minute virtual consultation

Detailed and customized sleep plan

Interactive sleep log

4 follow-up calls (each 15 minutes)

Daily text/email support

Going forward package

Book a 15-minute consultation with our experts.